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Swimming Programme(s)

Truro - Swim Programme, Spring 2016

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Truro Leisure Centre
College Road

Email: Truro Leisure Centre

Tel:  01872 261628


Truro Leisure Centre Swim Programme

See programme download on right-hand side for session times

The Pool at Truro Leisure Centre

Swimming Pool Admission Policy

Please read Swimming Pool Admission Policy if bringing children under eight years old swimming. Thank you.


A Guide to Safe Swimming

Swimming can be great fun, but it can also be dangerous. Please read this guide carefully and observe these common sense rules at all times:

  • Never swim when under the effects of alcohol or after a heavy meal. Avoid holding your breath and swimming long distances under water.
  • Make sure you know the depth of the water and check where slopes lead into deeper water. No non-swimmers in the deep end.
  • Be especially careful if you have a medical condition such as epilepsy, asthma diabetes or a heart condition and bring it to the attention of the lifeguard.
  • Unruly behaviour in and around the pool is strictly forbidden. Running, ducking, bombing and acrobatics are not allowed. Shouting and screaming could distract attention in an emergency.

It is safer to swim with a companion. Keep an eye for other swimmers and be particularly careful around children and non-swimmers. If you see someone in difficulty, get help from our lifeguards immediately.

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