Aqua Aerobics

Low Impact Aerobics - Weekly Classes in the Pool

Image illustrating Aqua Aerobics
Aqua Aerobics

A "total body workout" using the resistance of water to burn fat and tone the body.

Class on Thursday 7.30pm - 8.30pm (Monday's class has been cancelled until further notice)

The flexibility of Aquaerobics is that all ages and fitness levels can work in one class and work at their own level. You can work with or without specialised aqua resistance equipment, depending on your level of fitness and choice.

Unlike exercising on land the buoyancy of the water means impact stress and pounding on the body is virtually removed – which is particularly useful for people with joint complaints.

Whilst we do not offer specific Pre/Post natal Aquaerobics classes, if you have exercised regularly before pregnancy you are welcome to join in the classes, but ALWAYS let the instructor know before the class starts as there may be some restrictions in exercises.


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